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Xbox launch Kinect website, but who gives a shit really

This is the new website for Xbox kinect. It’s located at http://www.kinect.me/ – do you see what they did there? They used a DOT ME to jazz it up a little.

[.me is the country code top level domain for Montenegro, in case you were wondering]

And this is from the main Xbox site:

I don’t want to be like any of these people. And Silverlight is a pain in the ass. Can’t we just let the Wii handle the movement stuff? Yea yea, I sound like another “change is crap, closed minded to the future bla bla bla” types, but hey. This is how I like to play xbox, the cat’s got it right.

This is the kind of tech development that is exciting. This is how you get me off the sofa.